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Our Products

New Wealth supports Asian financial institutions and Wealth businesses in their Digital Transformation, especially regarding all client-facing interactions and therefore the common ground of our wealth apps & products is their high level of User Experience (UX) personalisation. 

Based on latest innovations in Design for financial services such as conversational experience for self-directed clients and ‘Augmented Intelligence’ for products and investment recommendations, our products leverage New Wealth Platform and offer a suite of rich micro-experiences to their end-users.


Mutual Funds Advice & Select

Mobile-optimised and designed primarily for New-to-MFs investors, our app participates in the democratisation of Wealth Management. It differentiates from other trading apps on both UX & Advisory and helps Existing-to-MFs investors diversify their investments.

Target audience

  • Mass-affluent customers for both acquisition and upselling purposes

Key features

  • Conversational discovery of goals and risk profile
  • One-click fund recommendations
  • Dynamic mutual fund factsheets
  • Unbiased digital investment advice

Use cases

  • Online digital marketing and simulation tool
  • Transactional client app and mutual funds trading services


Online Mutual Funds Portal (OMF)

Powered by Morningstar quality and detailed data and information on unit trusts & mutual funds, the white-label OMF portal of New Wealth can replace outdated 'funds distribution pages' on the website of financial institutions. It applies best-in-class design to desktop view and a mobile-responsive design for smartphones.

Target audience

  • First-time investors, non-sophisticated customers
  • Relationship Managers and Personal Financial Consultants

Key features

  • Mobile-optimized service for mutual funds search & discovery

  • Modern & best-in-class view for desktop PC users

  • Interactive fund factsheets with progressive display

  • Comparison, list of favorite funds and personalized alerts

Use cases

  • Pre and post-login mutual funds search and illustration
  • Support single mutual fund sales by PFCs and RMs


Client Wealth App

Designed for mobile users, our lean Client Wealth app offers all the typical features expected by retail and affluent Wealth customers for investment reporting, portfolio monitoring and Wealth self-servicing.

Target audience

  • Existing-to-Wealth investors
  • New-to-Wealth: Middle-Income and Affluent segments

Key features

  • Mobile-first and end-to-end Wealth service
  • Dynamic client portfolio reporting and goal(s) monitoring
  • Deviation analysis and portfolio rebalancing
  • Personalized alerts and notifications

Use cases

  • Launch a mobile Wealth App dedicated to existing Wealth clients in a short time-to-market
  • Deliver micro-services within existing banking or insurance apps, or through the secured LINE account of financial institutions


Sales & Simple Advisory for RMs

New Wealth Sales & Simple Advisory app for front-liners has been designed to support the effective promotion and individualization of asset allocations to retail, affluent and HNWI customers. It is often the starting point of a wider deployment of our comprehensive New Wealth Platform to support PFCs, RMs and Investment Specialists in all their interactions with prospective and existing Wealth clients.

Target audience

  • Relationship Managers, Advisors, Agents

  • Client-facing interactions with emerging, upper affluent & HNWIs

Key features

  • Simple goal-based investment and risk profiling
  • RM-assisted sales of asset allocations and wealth advisory

Use cases

  • Digitally supported sales & marketing of model portfolios and investment strategies by Relationship Managers
  • Can be combined with our 'Single Mutual Funds Sales' module or our 'Wealth Client & Portfolio Servicing' module


Life Banca Sales and Illustration

New Wealth Life Bancassurance app has been designed to deliver a great user experience to both the sellers and the prospective clients during client-facing interactions: it can be used on tablets or large touch-screen devices. It enhances sales processes currently based on paper or MSOffice files, and offers powerful analytics on users behaviors.

Target audience

  • Relationship Managers, Advisors, Insurance Agents

  • Staff involved with affluent & HNWI clients

Key features

  • Facts finding and personalized life products simulation, guided by ‘augmented intelligence’

  • Sharing simulation or proposal via email and social medias

  • Automatic link to e-POS or client-on-boarding system

Use cases

  • Digitally supported sales & marketing by Advisors
  • Self-service life products simulation in branch or online


Lean Retail Robo Advisor

Designed primarily for mobile-first users, our lean robo-advisor for the mass delivers cost-efficient Discretionary Portfolio Management (DPM) services on a wide range of products (Mutual Funds, ETFs, Equities and Bonds).

Target audience

  • Millennials and New-to-Advice segments (acquisition and increased share of wallet)

Key features

  • Simple goal-based investment

  • Education tips embedded into the customer journey

  • Progressive display of financial information on a need-to-know basis

  • Frictionless onboarding with pre-population of input data

Use cases

  • Promote Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management to retail investors

  • Raise awareness and help move cash deposits into investments