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Premium Chatbots 2.0

Financial institutions need to experiment new forms of User Experience (UX) developed by startups and universities, and should think of conversational UX as another channel and modality for delivering digital experience to their customers and partners. Chatbots are more intuitive and easier to use than a traditional financial app or webpage. And if well executed, bot-based interactions can add a ‘personal touch’ and provide a ‘Wow’ experience.

New Wealth has developed a premium chatbot for lead engagement, automated advisory and easy onboarding by capitalizing on the lessons learnt from the first wave of chatbots within the financial sector. Because chatbots are a great way to ask for complex input but less to visualize a sophisticated illustration, we have bundle together conversational UX (chat) with rich/conventional user interface in the hybrid way.


Solution 3: Premium Chatbots for Lead Engagement & Automated Advisory of financial products

New Wealth Chatbots can help to jumpstart the sale cycle with personalized interactions and growth the hydrid advisory model

It is too early for bots to replace live chat, decode complex message requests from client - but chatbot companions are a great engagement driver, lead generators and marketing tools. Our customers are able to foster client relationship on a value proposition of advice, and not just convenience.

With New Wealth Premium Chatbots, financial institutions can offer low cost (automated), context-based and jargon-free advice. Our premium chatbots are available 24/7 in multiple languages, and they enable personalization and delivery of a superior customer experience. Going through guided product selection and curated recommendations is made simple and timely - and last but not least our premium chatbots have the ability to make customized and tailored proposals to prospective clients.

Start the advisory journey and initiate the quote online, and then finish it at the branch

New Wealth Premium Chatbots are a great starting point for successful multichannel offerings, as customers today increasingly expect offerings to be seamlessly translatable across channels. Quotation saving and retrieval are essential for cross-channel interaction to avoid the frustration of repetitive data entry.

Bots are perceived as an added value when they are fully integrated into client journeys: ensuring the smoothest client journey from one channel to another, avoiding disruptions and delivering a seamless and frictionless experience. To this extend New Wealth has developed an Advisor-matching microservices to deliver a better Online-to-Offline (O2O) experience.

Botboarding for 100% online client journeys (optional)

Simplifying complex business processes using chatbots has been proven: so following the initial client profiling and according to eligibility rules, the online users are also able to make a direct Product application, with simple sign-up and easy self-onboarding using conversational UX.


Example: Single Product Advisory Chatbot

Mobile-optimized and designed primarily for New-to-Mutual Funds investors, this micro-app participates in the democratization of Wealth Management. It differentiates from other trading apps on both UX & Advisory and helps Existing-to-MFs investors diversify their investments.

Target audience

  • Mass-affluent customers for both acquisition and upselling purposes

Key features

  • Conversational discovery of goals and risk profile

  • One-click fund recommendations

  • Dynamic mutual fund factsheets

  • Unbiased digital investment advice

Use cases

  • Online digital marketing and simulation tool

  • Transactional client app and mutual funds trading services


Example: Portfolio / Product Bundles Advisory Chatbot

Mobile-optimized and designed primarily for Priority Banking or Life Insurance customers, this micro-app brings User Experience and digital advice to the next level. It enables Mortgage, Wealth and Life Insurance offerings to be seamlessly translatable across channels.

Target audience

  • Retail and mass-affluent customers for both acquisition and upselling purposes

Key features

  • Conversational need-assessment bundled with education content

  • Client-centric financial calculators and gamified approach

  • Personalized product illustrations

  • Context-based and jargon-free advice on short-listed products/services

  • Generation of a (initial) tailored proposal

Use cases

  • Online digital marketing and lead pre-qualification tool

  • Cross-channel sales & advisory platform, with access/retrieval of (early) quotations by the human advisors

The ROI of Conversational UX:

Financial institutions with premium chatbots built into their websites and mobile apps, have a competitive advantage and are likelier to attract and retain customers: it translates into improved Net Promoter Score (NPS), increased share of wallet in case of upselling, and better conversion rate or moving leads faster to the sales funnel.

If you are interested in a personalized demonstration of one or more of our Chatbot solutions, please send an email to for an initial conversation.