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Enabling the digital sales and advice of financial products

We deliver breakthrough digital tools, apps and micro-services to financial institutions for the individualized sales, marketing and advisory of financial services


New Wealth and Morningstar Research announce their partnership for mutual funds and unit trusts solutions on Asian markets

“Morningstar’s mission is to help investors reach their financial goals and combining New Wealth’s innovative tools and applications with our quality data will ultimately enhance the end user’s experience.” Nick Cheung, CEO of Morningstar Asia.

Why 'New Wealth'

The financial industry in Asia is going through a rapid digital transformation, so speed-to-market & CX excellence truly matter.


new and emerging markets

Addressing the financial needs of fast-growing middle and upper-class within booming economies


new channels and technologies

Bringing The Digital Channel for Savings and Investment Management to a digital-savvy population



Converting new and existing clients to Digital Wealth leveraging cutting-edge Do-It-Yourself (DIY) services

Our Expertise in Digital Finance

At New Wealth we are building groundbreaking digital experiences such as conversational sales and advisory tools for financial institutions across APAC & Middle-East. Our team of design thinkers and senior practitioners live and breathe financial services to bring highly personalized User Experiences to end-customers.


Delivers front-end solutions & mobile apps on New Wealth Platform, augmented by best of breed financial APIs


Designs modern User Interface (UI) and seamless User Experience (UX): research, product design, prototype, user testing


Shapes innovative Digital Finance and Advisory models: strategy, business consultancy, projects

Our Senior Management Team




  • Digital finance strategy expert

  • Robo-advisory specialist

  • Product management

  • B2B business development


Sudhir NAIN

Head of Experience Lab

  • UI/UX thought leader

  • 18+ years design experience

  • 10+ years designing FinServices

  • Wealth apps expert



Chief Technology Officer

  • Senior digital architect

  • E-commerce IT specialist

  • Cloud applications

  • DevOps transformation

What we offer to financial institutions 



These solutions are built on 5 categories of Microservices available within New Wealth Platform, and our company optionally offers full managed-services to its FS clients.


New Wealth Experience Lab and high-fidelity prototypeS

We experiment and offer premium UX & Product Design services to Financial Institutions:

  • Design / test / pilot a new financial service or app for better addressing retail, emerging affluent and middle-income customers

  • Design / test / pilot a new Wealth app or service for affluent and Private Banking customers

  • Design / test / pilot a new service or channel for Life Insurance, Health and GI customers

We apply cutting-edge methodologies: New Wealth ‘Lean Digital Kickstart’ and ‘User Testing’.


Our Partners for technology, data and expertise

New Wealth’s ecosystem of B2B FinTech, WealthTech, InsurTech and other specialized partners, offers a vast array of complementary expertise and financial APIs.

This nimble approach enables to extend the functional coverage that we provide to our clients in a rapid and flexible way.

Delivering 3-month MVP with proven Microservices

Successful institutions start all new digital initiatives with a minimum viable product (MVP). The scope of MVP should be substantial enough to drive real value, momentous enough to create excitement within the organization, and simple enough to be designed and implemented within maximum 3-month. Improvements can then be made progressively in waves of rapid subsequent releases.

New Wealth micro-applications are Cloud-native: when architecting digitally native services we start small and move fast, leveraging loosely-coupled containerized microservices that each do one thing and do it well. New Wealth Microservices are ready for omni-channel, they are stateless so they can scale out and in with ease, and they are event-driven so there are fewer bottlenecks and we have a complete record of everything that ever happened to the system. We take full advantage of on-shore Cloud but we can also deploy on-premise in a datacenter.

Here is a sample project plan for a 3-month MVP leveraging the existing Microservices of New Wealth Platform:

3-month MVP high-level project plan

For any new digital product or application to be launched, we recommend to follow New Wealth ‘Lean Digital Kickstart’ methodology, to leverage the senior UX expertise of New Wealth Experience Lab and to apply our state-of-the-art User Testing methodology - optimized for 12-week end to end projects.

To conclude: Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and micro-applications have the potential for financial players to boost the customer experience, to generate new revenue streams by developing innovative mobile applications and other cutting-edge digital services, and are the glue that allows financial institutions to team up with ecosystem players more flexibly and rapidly.

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